The drive behind Truly Boldly You is Ela Wassell; empowered woman, wife, mother, friend, English teacher, master of political science and certified women’s coach.

Until the birth of her children, Ela worked as an English teacher at one of the country’s best language schools, presented at international conferences alongside top methodologists in the field, and established her own private English teaching practice.

On becoming a mother, Ela often reflected on the world we leave for the next generations. Will it be a world of wars, hunger, humanitarian and ecological crises? Or is there still hope? She came to the realisation that empowering women in leadership positions (whether in politics, business, local communities, or charitable organisations) can significantly contribute to a better quality of life for all. If there are more women confident in changing their own corner of the world – their family, their organisation, their business, their local community – we can hope for a better future for our children.

After going on a One of many™ programme designed for aspirational women to fulfil their potential and reclaim their lives, she had a transformational experience. There was more calm and less tension in her busy family life. She felt more empowered and inspired. She felt the urge to share the tools and techniques she learned with other women in her life: women’s empowerment become Ela’s mission and passion.

Ela rejects the prevailing belief that in order to be successful and to be taken seriously, women must act like men: be hard, competitive or even aggressive. Her coaching program helps clients discover their natural female strengths and use them to achieve their boldest intentions.

Her clients – who range from busy mothers to department-heads at international corporations to entrepreneurial businesswomen – value her openness, patience, encouragement, and listening, as well as her effective tools, exercises, and meditations. They appreciate the safe environment she provides for them to process their emotions, make decisions, create bold plans for the future, experiencing positive transformation in their personal, family and professional lives.

Ela Wassell
For anyone thinking about doing any coaching with Ela, I’d say go for it, it will be more than worth your while.
Wendy A.
Senior Leader
I thoroughly recommend Ela to anyone who is dealing with a problem that is holding them back in life. You will get so much support from Ela and come out of each session feeling happier and ready to take on the world!
Truly Boldly You
Emily W.
Working Mum and Aspiring Midwife
Without a doubt working with Ela has changed my life for the better. She goes beyond traditional life coaching and really listens to your personal challenges and goals.
Roz P.
Roz P.
Marketing and Communications Officer