Why Truly Boldly You?

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When I discovered an organisation called One of Many and went through one of their programmes, I felt this urge to share the tools, that I learned about, with other women. “Every woman should know this stuff!” I thought. And that’s why I decided to join their coaching community. The fact that I met there amazing ladies, who share the same mission of empowering grass-root women leaders, and who are open and supportive, was a welcome bonus!

Many women try to do so much at the same time, working, running their own businesses, organising family life, running the house, looking after the children, or elderly parents… It’s so easy to get into overwhelm. So easy to get stressed, exhausted and even resentful towards people around us.

My 12 week programme teaches how to not let yourself slip into that mode of operating. Where you can feel dis-empowered, snapping at your partner or children. How little changes in your habits may run a long way in terms of your wellbeing. In this blog I’ll try to introduce some of the tools.

I strongly believe that the more powerful, wise, calm and balanced women we have in leadership positions, the world can become much better and peaceful place.

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