Ela Wassell workshop


Energy and Effectiveness for Busy Women

Energy management with a difference

Saturday, 5 October 2019 

Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon Oxford
Marcham Road
OX14 1TZ 

9:15 -17:00 (Registration, hot drinks and networking from 8:45 )

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We’re all guilty of it: dashing around from one commitment to the next, cramming ever more into our bursting diaries, multi-tasking or procrastinating in equal measure, finding it impossible to say no or to prioritise our own needs – much to the detriment of our relationships, our health and our mental wellbeing.

How would you like to put an end to running in small circles? Achieve balance and avoid overwhelm; free up hours in your week and make time for more meaningful things?

‘Energy and Effectiveness for Busy Women’ is a time management workshop with a difference. It is designed by women for women, recognising the cyclical nature of our energies, and focusing on the innate strenghts we hold as females. These powers can be harnessed to clarify and prioritise what is really important to us, reduce helpless ‘plate-spinning’, and open up time and space.

It is more than a practical strategy or toolbox, but a whole new mindset as to how you approach tasks and what you choose to fit into life. It’s about being fruitful rather than productive. Working less but achieving more.

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At the end of the workshop you’ll come away a woman who can:

 Ditch the “busy” badge of honour

  • Discover tools and techniques to balance your time effectively, embracing flow and fruitfulness and valuing ‘me-time’, rather than indulging a perceived need to fit as much as possible into every hour.
  • Learn to take easy steps to avoid overwhelm and reduce plate-spinning

Tap into innate rhythm and ritual

  • Master the technique of ‘Batching for energy matching’, a vital element in re-aligning relationship with time.

Lean on others without feeling a burden

  • Learn how to construct your own support network and how and when to harness it, getting the right help from others to free up time for you.

Ela Wassell

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The Workshop is facilitated by Ela Wassell – Certified Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Coach and Trainer.

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